Conditions for the use of Therapeutic Guidelines in pharmaceutical industry promotion

The objective of these conditions is to ensure that pharmaceutical companies use Therapeutic Guidelines’ content appropriately in their promotional material, whilst maintaining the actual and perceived independence and integrity of Therapeutic Guidelines Limited. For any advertisement or promotional piece that mentions Therapeutic Guidelines, approval must be sought from Therapeutic Guidelines Limited via the provision of copy and layout.

The conditions include, but are not limited to:

  • Therapeutic Guidelines publications may be listed as prescribing references when the meaning and context of the original content are represented accurately in the promotional material.
  • Sections of Therapeutic Guidelines may be reproduced, in context only, i.e. all the therapeutic recommendations for a particular condition must be included. The Therapeutic Guidelines content must not be reproduced in a way that the intent of the Therapeutic Guidelines recommendations can be misconstrued. Approval must be sought via the provision of copy and layout.
  • Any advertisement or promotional piece should be clearly seen to be promoting the pharmaceutical company or its product, i.e. there must not be any implication that the pharmaceutical company has any input into, or influence over, the production of Therapeutic Guidelines, or that there is any relationship between the pharmaceutical company and Therapeutic Guidelines Limited.
  • Therapeutic Guidelines may not be used as an endorsement of a brand-name product, nor may endorsement be implied.
  • Promotional material should not be attached to the outside of the covers of Therapeutic Guidelines publications.

Provision of company product information

Pharmaceutical companies are invited to submit product information to Therapeutic Guidelines Limited. Such information may be passed on to the relevant Expert Groups.

Pharmaceutical companies should not discuss the preparation of manuscripts with individual members of Expert Groups. All communications with Therapeutic Guidelines Limited and its Expert Groups should be through the Editorial Director.


Copy approval:
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