Some guidelines are no longer available in book format.

Therapeutic Guidelines exists to promote best practice patient care. To avoid situations where clinicians inadvertently follow out-of-date advice, we have decided to gradually phase out the book format of our guidelines, as new updates become available.

To purchase a book, please complete the order form below. Otherwise, find out more about switching to a digital subscription.

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Therapeutic Guidelines books

  • Analgesic – version 6
  • Antibiotic – version 15 is out of date, version 16 is available in digital format only, as part of eTG complete.
  • Cardiovascular – version 7
  • Diabetes – version 1
  • Endocrinology – version 5 has been split into Diabetes, Bone and Metabolism, and Sexual and Reproductive Health. All are available in digital format. Diabetes is also available in book format.
  • Gastrointestinal – version 6
  • Neurology – version 5
  • Oral and Dental – version 3
  • Palliative Care – version 4
  • Psychotropic – version 7
  • Respiratory – version 5
  • Rheumatology – version 3
  • Toxicology and Toxinology  available in digital format only, as part of eTG complete.
  • Ulcer and Wound Management – version 3
  • Complete set of Guidelines – Available in digital format only, as part of eTG complete

Management Guidelines

  • Management Guidelines: Developmental Disability