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More than 2,500 topics covering disorders encountered in clinical practice, integrated into a single product for your computer or mobile.


Printed volumes of common collections of topics, aggregated by clinical area. (Some book formats no longer available.)

Independent, reliable, respected

Therapeutic Guidelines is a leading source of independent, evidence-based, practical treatment advice to assist practitioners with decision making at the point-of-care.

Therapeutic Guidelines are regularly updated, based on the latest international literature, interpreted by Australia’s most respected experts, with input from an extensive network of general practitioners, pharmacists and other users.

Independence is an essential feature of Therapeutic Guidelines. Funded only by subscribers, meaning no grants, advertising, shareholders or sponsors. To protect and maintain independence, a strict conflict of interest policy is in place.

Therapeutic Guidelines is an independent not-for-profit organisation. Its aim is to promote the quality use of medicines, which it does this through the development, publication and sale of Therapeutic Guidelines.

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A return to Therapeutic Guidelines

We are pleased to announce to our community of valued subscribers, users, and experts that the decision has been made […]

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Australian Prescriber reviews the Liver Disorders guidelines

In the latest podcast from Australian Prescriber, Dr Justin Coleman interviews Professor Alex Thompson, a member of the Liver Disorders […]

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2021 Therapeutic Guidelines/RACGP Foundation Research Grant recipient announced

A warm congratulations to Dr Jacqueline Frayne, recipient of the 2021 Therapeutic Guidelines/RACGP Research Grant. Since 2012, Therapeutic Guidelines has […]

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