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Administration and ordering

How do I reset my password?
Click on the Log in button in the top right-hand corner of our home page []. Click on the link beside ‘Forgot your password?’ and enter your email address. You will be sent a link to reset your password.

How can I update my personal information?
To update your contact details, log in on our website []. Select your account name from the ‘My account’ drop-down list. You can then click on ‘Edit details’ in the ‘My details’ tab.

Which product / type of subscription is most suitable for me?
eTG complete online: this product is useful for users who use eTG complete in locations with internet access. It can be used on desktops, laptops and mobile devices. It updates automatically.
eTG complete (mobile app): this product is optimised for Apple and Android devices and ideal for those practicing in a variety of locations. The content can be downloaded to your device, but requires internet access for initial download, then periodic access for updates (usually 3 times per year).
Single subscriptions: for single users we recommend an individual subscription to eTG complete.
Multiple subscriptions (2-10 users): group subscriptions are available for individuals, small practices and pharmacies etc. Contact Therapeutic Guidelines for further information.
Larger subscriptions: for university libraries or faculties, government departments, registered training organisations, private hospitals and other organisations, contact us at for further information.
Print titles: Therapeutic Guidelines are also available in print titles for each therapeutic area. Go to ‘Products’ for more information.

How many licences do I need?
Any one user must have a separate licence. If, for example, a practice has one full-time and two part-time doctors, then three licences are required.

How long will it take for ordered item(s) such as books and CDs to reach me?
You should receive ordered item(s) within 5-10 working days in Australia and 10-15 working days for international orders.

I live outside of Australia, can I still purchase eTG complete?
Yes, you can purchase eTG complete via the online purchasing system. International users should contact if they wish to purchase books from outside of Australia.

Which payment methods do you accept?

  • For online orders we accept credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express) and PayPal.
  • For telephone or mail orders we accept credit cards.
  • For mail orders we accept cheques, purchase orders and credit cards.

Is it safe to enter my credit card number online?
The online purchasing system that Therapeutic Guidelines Ltd (TGL) uses is SecurePay, a secure online banking business of Australia Post. With SecurePay, your credit card details are encrypted and transmitted securely from the TGL website to SecurePay. TGL doesn’t have direct access to full credit card numbers. If you need more information, go to

When will my subscription expire?
The subscription is annual and will expire one year from the date of purchase. It is possible to renew online. For download users, if you receive a message indicating that the current version has expired, please update with the latest download. For app users, an icon will appear in the app when it is time to renew.

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eTG complete online

How can I find out about the new features of eTG complete?
eTG complete features a new look, coupled with improved functionality and navigation. These new features are explained in detail in our guided tour and summarised in this snapshot.

How do I access eTG complete online on my mobile device?

  • Use the browser on your mobile device to go to the TGL website [].
  • Use your current login details to log into eTG complete via the login box in the top right corner.
  • See eTG complete (mobile app) if you want to purchase the app and download eTG complete to your mobile device.

Can I use eTG complete online on both my phone and computer at the same time?
You can use eTG complete online on computer, phone and tablet, but you can only log in from a single device at any given time. Please make sure you log off before switching between devices. If you forget to log out, there is an automatic time-out after half an hour of no use.

Which operating systems will eTG complete online run on?
eTG complete is accessible via Windows (XP, Win7, Win8 and Win10) and Macintosh OSX (version 10.6 or later). All that is required to access eTG complete online is a fully featured web browser.

Can I have both the online version and download version simultaneously?
Single-user subscriptions comprise of both the download version as well as online access to eTG complete. Online subscribers may also download the content of eTG complete twice (per update).

Which browsers will eTG complete online run on?
For optimal functionality with eTG complete, we recommend that you use the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari. If you are using an older browser, some of the pages and tools may not function properly.

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eTG complete offline download

How much free disk space do I need to download eTG complete?
eTG complete requires approximately 200MB of free disk space.

Which operating systems will eTG complete download run on?
The downloadable version of eTG complete is accessible on Windows (XP, Win7, Win8 and Win10) and Macintosh OSX (version 10.6 or later).

How do I download eTG complete?
Log in to your account from our website []. Select your account name from the ‘My account’ drop-down list and click on ‘My subscriptions’ tab. Click on ‘Download offline’ to start the download.

See detailed offline download instructions [PDF]

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eTG complete mobile app

How do I purchase the eTG complete app?
The mobile app can only be purchased with an eTG complete subscription. It costs an additional $50. The app and eTG complete subscription can be purchased from the TGL website [] or Freecall (Australia only) 1800 061 260.

Do I need internet access to use the eTG complete app?
The content can be downloaded to your device. It requires internet access for the initial download and periodic internet access for TGL content updates (usually 3 times per year).

How do I download the eTG complete app to my mobile device?

  • Purchase a subscription to eTG complete and add the eTG complete app to your order using the online purchasing system on our website [] or call us on Freecall (Australia only) 1800 061 260.
  • You will receive a confirmation email from Therapeutic Guidelines.
  • Go to the App store for iPhone, or Google Play for Android device.
  • Download the eTG complete app.
  • Use your eTG complete login details to log into the app.
  • Download the content by clicking on the cloud symbol at the top of the list of Guidelines.

See detailed app download instructions [PDF]

How much storage space do I need on my mobile device to download the eTG complete app?
The eTG complete app requires approximately 200MB of space.

How do I update my eTG complete app?
You will be prompted to update the eTG complete content that you downloaded to the app on your device approximately 3 times per year. You will need internet access to do this.

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How is eTG complete different from other resources I use?
Therapeutic Guidelines Ltd (TGL) prides itself on publishing independent, expert, unbiased and evidence-based information you can trust. Our publications are intended specifically to meet the needs of busy health professionals who want reliable, practical and user-friendly therapeutic information at the point of care.

Independence is an essential feature of this organisation–TGL is completely self-funded with all of its revenue from subscriptions and book sales. No grants. No advertising. No shareholders. No sponsors. To protect and maintain our independence, TGL has a strict policy on conflict of interest which you can access here.

How are Therapeutic Guidelines Ltd products produced?
A detailed description of our production process can be found here. If you have any further questions regarding production, contact us at

Are the contents of the books and eTG complete the same?
eTG complete includes all the topics from all books in the Therapeutic Guidelines series, as well as other topics not available in books, such as the Fatigue Guidelines. Patient information sheets, references, links and calculators contained in eTG complete are not included in the books.

The digital version is updated in between scheduled revisions where appropriate so, on occasion, a digital topic may differ from the book version.

When are the new versions of Therapeutic Guidelines titles published and how often are they updated?
Electronic releases are published three times a year, coinciding with the release of a book title. Books are updated every 3 to 4 years. Under some circumstances, topics are updated ahead of schedule.

Current titles, versions and dates of publication are:
Analgesic version 6, 2012
Antibiotic version 15, 2014
Cardiovascular version 7, 2018
Dermatology version 4, 2015
Endocrinology version 5, 2014
Gastrointestinal version 6, 2016
Neurology version 5, 2017
Oral and Dental version 2, 2012
Palliative Care version 4, 2016
Psychotropic version 7, 2013
Respiratory version 5, 2015
Rheumatology version 3, 2017
Toxicology and Wilderness version 2, 2012
Ulcer and Wound Management version 1, 2012.

eTG complete publication date
The publication date of eTG complete is March 2018.

How do I use the doses in eTG complete?
The dosing regimens in the text generally apply to nonpregnant adults of average size; higher or lower doses are appropriate for some patients. Children’s doses have not been assessed for suitability in neonates; when doses are given for neonates, they apply to full-term neonates only, unless otherwise specified.

Why is there sometimes a number shown on the left of a drug regimen in eTG complete?
Where more than one drug regimen is listed for an indication, the number next to the regimen shows its place in therapy (eg 1 for first-line therapy, 2 for second-line therapy). Drugs that are equally appropriate for a given indication are marked with the same number.

Why are some drugs in eTG not listed in the drop-down list in the drug index?
The drug index currently only lists drugs that are part of a full dose recommendation (shown in a blue panel in eTG complete), but work is underway to include drugs and doses given in the general text and in tables. In the mean time, if your drug does not appear in the drop-down list, try searching using the main search box (or magnifying glass).

I have some suggestions that I would like to pass on to the editor, what should I do?
If you are using eTG complete online, feedback can be sent directly to Therapeutic Guidelines by clicking on the ‘Envelope’ icon at the top of the topic or section that you wish to comment on. If you are a book user, send an email to: All comments will be logged and you will receive a response if requested.

How do I cite Therapeutic Guidelines?
How to cite Therapeutic Guidelines depends on whether it is a specific topic being cited, or it is a general citation of a Therapeutic Guidelines book or electronic product. The citations are different for the books or eTG complete used via the Internet.

Below are examples for citations for Therapeutic Guidelines following the Vancouver bibliographic reference style.

Therapeutic Guidelines books
Example of a citation for a general reference to a Therapeutic Guidelines book:
Antibiotic Expert Groups. Therapeutic guidelines: antibiotic. Version 15. Melbourne: Therapeutic Guidelines Limited; 2014.

Example of a citation for a specific topic in a Therapeutic Guidelines book:
Acute epiglottitis. In: Antibiotic Expert Groups. Therapeutic guidelines: antibiotic. Version 15. Melbourne: Therapeutic Guidelines Limited; 2014. pp.xx–xx.

eTG complete via Internet
Example of a citation for a general reference to eTG complete:
eTG complete [Internet]. Melbourne: Therapeutic Guidelines Limited; 2015 Jul.

Example of a citation for a specific topic in eTG complete:
Acute epiglottitis [revised 2014 Oct]. In: eTG complete [Internet]. Melbourne: Therapeutic Guidelines Limited; 2015 Jul.

Why are some navigational features not working when I open the Management Guidelines: Developmental Disability PDF in Firefox?
Some newer versions of Firefox have disabled the interactive functionality of their built-in PDF viewer. This means some navigational features of the Developmental Disability guidelines will not be available if this PDF is opened in Firefox. These features include links to the Index, Contents and the Up / Down arrows. To enable this functionality, either use an alternative browser (eg Chrome), or save the PDF to your computer and then open it with Adobe Reader.


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