Therapeutic Guidelines Limited is a registered Health Promotion Charity and Deductible Gift Recipient promoting the quality use of medicines. Independence is an essential feature of this organisation and Therapeutic Guidelines does not accept advertising or receive outside funding.  Revenue from the sale of Therapeutic Guidelines completely finances their production.

  • All donations received by Therapeutic Guidelines are received and used in accordance with this policy.
  • Therapeutic Guidelines will not accept donations from or on behalf of the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Therapeutic Guidelines’ Finance and Risk Management Committee will monitor the management of this policy and the operation of the donations account and report to the Therapeutic Guidelines Board, which has overall responsibility.
  • Any donations received will be used to achieve the objects of Therapeutic Guidelines, as outlined in its Constitution:
    • to write, publish and sell therapeutic information that is:
      • derived from the best available scientific evidence, with the experience, insight and opinions of Australian experts being an essential element of the writing process, and the final text reflecting independent and expert interpretation;
      • clinically relevant, independent, authoritative, up-to-date, and problem orientated to promote the quality use of medicines;
    • to encourage the use of therapeutic guidelines by health professionals throughout Australia to assist them in making therapeutic decisions to facilitate optimum health care;
    • to preserve the integrity of the organisation through the policy on conflict of interest for Directors, Members of the Company, staff and members of writing groups;
    • to ensure the security of the organisation’s intellectual property;
    • to establish strategic alliances or liaise with other bodies, committees or similar interested in or concerned with therapeutic practice, guidelines or programs in the community to further the objectives of the organisation and to ensure complementary activities and advice for therapeutic practice;
    • to evaluate the value of such guidelines and advice to medical, pharmacy and other health professionals and in particular, to medical graduates both in hospital practice and general practice;
    • to evaluate the relevance and efficiency of such guidelines and advice in achieving beneficial change in medical practice, particularly in the quality of prescribing;
    • to pursue or develop any other areas or projects related to or consistent with medical therapeutics;
    • to do all such other lawful things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects or any of them.
  • Any donations received will be used for the specific purposes for which they are given. No part of the donation will be used for administrative or other overhead costs.


  • Requests for donations may be made to health professionals or the corporate sector from time-to-time, as opportunities arise.
  • Donations above AUD2.00 to Therapeutic Guidelines Limited from the public are tax deductible in Australia.
  • All monies received are held in a separate account as is required under Australian law.