Therapeutic Guidelines opens up access to eTG complete

Therapeutic Guidelines is a not-for-profit organisation that exists to support the work of healthcare practitioners. The income we receive directly and solely from subscribers allows us to publish truly independent healthcare advice on our website, eTG complete. However, these are unprecedented times. An effective response to the novel coronavirus pandemic requires co-ordinated effort across society, with the healthcare sector in particular facing huge challenges. Widespread and monumental change has already happened in general practices, community pharmacies, and public and private hospitals. With healthcare professionals working at capacity and taking on new responsibilities, the need for eTG complete has never been greater.

Therapeutic Guidelines is therefore providing complimentary access to eTG complete online and the eTG complete mobile app until 31 July 2020 for healthcare workers who do not have a current subscription. Further, to assist healthcare workers practicing from home, access to the mobile app has been extended to all current subscribers who have a username and password.

For more information or to register for complimentary access, click here.

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We wish all healthcare providers the best in this difficult time.