November eTG complete release

The November 2016 eTG complete release is now available. In this release, the formats of tables and drug recommendations have been improved. In response to user feedback, the drug index has been expanded to include drugs and doses displayed in tables. The drug index will continue to be expanded over the coming year.

To access the drug index, click on the black Browse drug index button underneath the main search box on this page. Type the generic name of the drug to see a drop-down list of indications for which the drug is recommended in eTG complete. Clicking on an entry will take you to the dose regimen for the indication.

Therapeutic Guidelines Ltd is committed to ongoing improvements to its digital products, and functional upgrades are scheduled throughout 2017. Amongst many important developments, we’re currently working on some key upgrades to the search function—keep an eye out for more news on this front. For information on the current features, see the of eTG complete video tutorial.

Changes to the detection of Blastocystis hominis and Dientamoeba fragilis have led to inappropriate use of antibiotics, particularly in children. Information about the management of these infections has been updated for this release of eTG complete.