New release of eTG complete

A new release of eTG complete was launched on Wednesday 25th July 2018. This included updated PBS information, functional improvements and bug fixes.


Using a downloaded version on your desktop? You’ll need to download eTG complete again to ensure our updates are installed. If you’re simply logging in online, you don’t need to do thing – the update will be automatic.

Digital Device

Have you purchased the eTG complete app and are using it on your smart phone or iPad?  If you’re using the app online, the content will be updated automatically. If you’re using the app offline, you’ll be prompted to download the content again. Select ‘Download’ on the pop-up notification or the cloud icon to start the download.

Searching for evidence-based recommendations on the go? There's an app for that!

If you’re already an eTG complete subscriber but don’t have the app, we wanted to let you know we’ve made some exciting updates!

Now you can experience:

  • Faster search engine and topic retrieval.
  • Easier log in – log in only once, the first time the new app is opened.
  • Effortless offline working by selecting the cloud icon to download content.

We’re always committed to continually improving all our digital products, so please get in touch at if you have suggestions.

Published on 25th July 2018