Is your eTG complete up to date?

Is your eTG complete up to date?

The new ‘Diabetes’ guidelines, as well as updated topics in the ‘Ulcer and Wound Management’ guidelines have been released.

Update your version now

If you are using the online version, the update occurs automatically. If you are using a downloaded version (offline) you will need to update the content by downloading eTG complete again. If you’re using the app offline, you’ll be prompted to download the content again. Select ‘Download’ on the pop-up notification or the cloud icon to start the download (see image below). Please contact our team if you need assistance at or (03) 9329 1566.

Institutional users: If an institutional user uninstalls the app, you will need to contact Therapeutic Guidelines to have your token re-assigned (see contact details above).

Please note: For some app users, Endocrinology will still appear in the list of guidelines, however there is no content because the topics have been moved into the new guidelines: Diabetes, Bone and Metabolism, and Sexual and Reproductive Health. To easily fix this issue, you can uninstall and reinstall the app from the App or Play stores (instructions are on our website). Otherwise, you can wait until the next app upgrade is released – currently scheduled for February 2019.


Published: 22 January 2019