eTG complete search revolution!

eTG complete will be offline for approximately one hour on Tuesday the 19th November in the evening to enable the launch of exciting upgrades to the search function. In response to feedback from users, new search features have been developed to make it easier and faster to find topics in eTG complete.

We sat down with Carol Norquay, Therapeutic Guidelines’ Digital Production Manager, to find out about what to expect from the update.


Can you give readers an overview of what’s changing?

When we upgraded eTG complete in 2015, the search function was developed to enable granular searching of the content. However, with this sensitivity comes the downside of often hundreds of results, and users told us that sometimes they couldn’t find what they were looking for. The main change that we are introducing is that search results will now first return relevant topic results—a much shorter list of results to choose from. If there isn’t a relevant topic result, the user can toggle to see more granular search results. Other changes include a new way to search the drug index and improved multi-word searching.


What is the difference between viewing topic results and viewing all results?

Topic results shows a list of topics that include the search term in the topic name. This is likely to be more useful when searching for a clinical diagnosis such as UTI, asthma or pneumonia.

Search “pneumonia” in eTG complete


The option to view results based on drug indication sounds exciting. Can you tell us more about that?

Specific drug recommendations can now be accessed quickly using the main search tool.

Type the drug name into the search box and toggle to the ‘Drug indications’ view on the search results page. Here you’ll find every indication that the drug is recommended for in eTG complete. Clicking on one of the links takes you straight to the dosing information in the clinical topic.

Expert users will know that this function is already available on the home page and on the menu bar. However, we received feedback from users that they needed the list of drug indications to be available on a single page, to make it easier to compare and refer back to.

Search “vancomycin” in eTG complete, then click on the “Drug indications” heading In this case, there are 114 drug indications. Click on any link to go straight to the relevant dosing information for that indication.


Any other changes?

We’ve adjusted the logic underlying multi-word searches. Previously, some multi-word searches incorrectly returned zero results, which was a source of understandable frustration. Now, searching using more than one search term will return any topic that includes all the search terms.

We’ve also moved “search within results” to the left-hand pane. Users often try to perform a new search using the “search within results” box, so grouping this with the other options to refine a search should improve usability.


What about the app?

This update will be gradually rolled out across all Therapeutic Guidelines products, including the app, within the next 3 months.


Your feedback is valuable

We’re committed to improving your experience with eTG complete and minimising barriers to finding the information you need. As always, we welcome feedback from our community; please contact

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Published on 14/11/2019