Australian Prescriber is back and the future is bright

The first issue of Australian Prescriber published by Therapeutic Guidelines is out now! Picking up from where the previous issue left off, readers will find relevant, accessible, high-quality articles on drugs and therapeutics.

This milestone issue includes an editorial by the CEO of Therapeutic Guidelines, highlighting why the publisher is a natural fit for Australian Prescriber and what readers can expect in issues to come. The future is bright!

Getting back to basics, the review on atopic dermatitis provides practical advice on the management of this common condition affecting adults as well as children.

The article on prescribing and peritoneal dialysis highlights important considerations in the implementation of this therapy in patients with end-stage kidney disease, including choice of dialysate, approach to fluid management, prevention and treatment of complications, and adjustment of drug dosing.

And with ongoing, widespread community transmission of COVID-19, the review of COVID-19 tests is a useful update of the available diagnostic tests and their parameters.

To round out the issue, a new drug profile on treosulfan has been included.

Therapeutic Guidelines welcomes back all the ‘OG’ Australian Prescriber readers! And to anyone reading the journal for the first time, we hope you find it useful. Subscribe now for free.