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  • Antibiotic 15 out now!

    The much-anticipated Antibiotic 15 is now available in the November release of eTG complete and in print title (with a new cover design!)

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  • TGL Board elections

    Nominations are now open for election to the TGL Board.

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  • Ebolavirus disease

    For those seeking information on Ebolavirus disease, TGL recommends the information developed by The Australian Government Department of Health. These resources have been developed for health professionals, consumers and travellers.

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    Please follow us on Twitter @TGLGuidelines

  • TGL Expert Group Member Professor Peter Ebeling receives Australia Day Honours

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Independent, reliable, relevant and respected

Health professionals need reliable and independent therapeutic information to help them make the best decisions for their patients.

Therapeutic Guidelines provide the answer!

We pride ourselves on publishing expert, unbiased and objective information you can trust. Our publications are intended specifically to meet the needs of busy health professionals who want reliable, practical and user-friendly therapeutic information.

Independence is an essential feature of this organisation–it is completely self supporting financially through revenue from sales. No grants. No advertising. No shareholders. No sponsors. To protect and maintain this independence a strict policy on conflict of interest is in place.

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Therapeutic Guidelines

Fourteen printed volumes of common collections of topics, aggregated by clinical area.

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