Nominations for Election to the Board of Therapeutic Guidelines Limited are sought

The constitution of Therapeutic Guidelines Limited (TGL) stipulates that the Board of TGL shall comprise nine directors.

Directors hold office for three-year terms. The terms of three Directors’ positions will need to be filled at the 2020 annual general meeting and nominations for these positions are sought.

If you wish to be a candidate for one of these positions, nominations must be in writing on the TGL nomination form (enclosed) and signed by 2 members who are entitled to vote at the annual general meeting.

A list of the competencies that are considered to be critical and useful for directors is enclosed.

Completed nomination forms must be accompanied by:

  • a consent to act as a director (enclosed),
  • a curriculum vitae (not more than two A4 pages in length),
  • the names of two referees, and
  • a letter from the nominee (not more than 500 words) explaining how s/he meets the identified required skills/competencies and how s/he expects to be able to contribute to the Board.

Click here for nomination forms and further information.

Nominations for election to the Board must be completed in accordance with TGL’s nomination process by 16 April 2020 and delivered to:

Company Secretary
Therapeutic Guidelines Limited
Ground Floor, 473 Victoria Street
West Melbourne, Victoria, 3003


For further information email Leanne Russell, Company Secretary, at

Closing date: 16 April 2020

Expressions of Interest

We welcome expressions of interest to become involved in the community behind Therapeutic Guidelines. If you are interested, please send your resume and a cover letter explaining your interest to

Expert Group Member

Experts Group Members work with an Editor to develop and review topics in a particular therapy area. An Expert Group is usually composed of approximately 14 people, including a Chair, an Editor, experts in relevant medical specialties, general practitioners, paediatricians, pharmacists and allied health professionals from around Australia.

Evaluation Network Member

The Evaluation Network includes users of eTG complete, from medical and pharmacy students to experienced healthcare professionals. Members of the Evaluation Network provide feedback to the Editorial Team at regular intervals that informs project planning and topic revision.


Editors work with an Expert Group to update clinical advice in line with the latest evidence. Each editor is responsible for leading the review of a clinical guideline and requires strong communication and project management skills. Editors have a graduate qualification in pharmacy, pharmacology or medicine, and a minimum of 3 years post-graduate clinical experience. Qualifications or experience in editing, writing, or publishing are desirable, but not essential.