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Antibiotic version 14, 2010

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Principles of antimicrobial use
Bone and joint infections
Cardiovascular system infections
Central nervous system infections
Eye infections
Genital and sexually transmitted infections
Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection
Intra-abdominal infections
Mycobacterial infections
Prophylaxis: medical
Prophylaxis: surgical
Respiratory tract infections: pneumonia
Respiratory tract infections: other
Severe sepsis (sepsis syndrome)
Skin and soft tissue infections
Systemic infections
Urinary tract infections
Biological warfare agents
Desensitisation protocols
Monitoring antimicrobial blood concentrations and aminoglycoside and vancomycin dosing
Pneumonia severity scoring systems for community-acquired pneumonia in adults
Pregnancy and breastfeeding
Renal impairment and antimicrobial dosing

Publication dates for Antibiotic guidelines

First published 1978
Second edition 1979
Reprinted 1980
Third edition 1982
Reprinted 1983, 1984
Fourth edition 1984
Fifth edition 1987
Reprinted 1988
Sixth edition 1990
Reprinted 1991
Seventh edition 1992
Reprinted 1993
Eight edition 1994
Reprinted 1995
Ninth edition 1996
Tenth edition 1998
Version 11 2000
Version 12 2003
Reprinted 2005
Version 13 2006
Reprinted 2008
Version 14 2010

Suggested citation

Antibiotic Expert Group. Therapeutic guidelines: antibiotic. Version 14
Melbourne: Therapeutic Guidelines Limited; 2010.



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Therapeutic Guidelines: Antibiotic is available in electronic format as part of eTG complete and miniTG.